New Member Spotlight

Katelyn Elliott, Country Music Hall of Fame

1. ILEA members learn and create. Tell us about your services.

At the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum you can leave the details to us. We are a turn-key venue that helps you from booking the space, to getting the best décor and entertainment for your event. We also have a culinary team that can customize a menu to your needs and putting a Nashville and southern twist where we can.

2. What is a fun fact about you or your company?

We are on a small list of accredited museums in the world and we are so proud to facilitate programs to educate and preserve the history of Country Music to those tourists and our locals. If you haven’t been by because it’s “touristy,” call me and I’m happy to show you around.

3. ILEA members inspire. What inspires you?

It may be cheesy, but I love getting to spend time with the people in our industry. We are a rarity in Nashville - I feel like we are all helping each other out whenever we can. Coming from another fairly large market, I always felt like you were on your own...and good luck getting where you want. Here, we truly are like a family and I can't help but be inspired by all of you.

4. What is your favorite thing to do in Nashville?

I have loved getting to know Nashville in the 4 years that I have been here and have loved seeing all of these new restaurants pop up. I’m not a foodie by any means other than I love food and if you have tacos – bonus points!

5. What brought you into the special events industry?

Growing up I was always detail oriented and loved getting to celebrate any event that I could. I finally opened my eyes to the events industry in college and can’t imagine being in any other field.