ILEA Approved

ILEA Approved is the international education standard selected for the creative event professional and has been developed to recognize specific content, beyond that presented directly by ILEA, that has significance for the global creative events industry.

Over time, your business and professional needs change. Stay up-to-date on the things that add value to your business, without getting overwhelmed from information overload.

Sharpen your skills and expand your understanding of all event disciplines with education built on ILEA’s Core Curriculum and from ILEA Approved content partners. Address a broad range of topics such as fostering creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, client service, emerging technologies, latest trends and more.

Education for consideration for the ILEA Approved process includes:

  • Industry Conference Sessions
  • Face to Face Education Opportunities
  • Online Education Opportunities
  • Educational Resources

To find out more about ILEA Approved, or to submit your content or event for evaluation, contact ILEA Headquarters,


ILEA Approved is the new international education standard selected for the Global creative events professional.

All content and resources displaying the ILEA Approved logo must meet the very high standards of ILEA as a trusted source of knowledge for the creative events professional, as determined by the ILEA Educational Council.

For more information on the ILEA Approved program, contact ILEA Headquarters.

Click here for the 2016 ILEA Approved application.

ILEA Approved FAQs

  • Who Can Apply?

    Any complete educational delivery system that is currently in use by at least three customers can apply to be considered for ILEA Approved status. 

  • How Do I Apply?

    The first step is to 2016 ILEA Approved Application for approval.  All submissions are also required to submit:
    • Description of the product along with an explanation of the relevancy to the Special Events Industry.
    • At least three learning objectives of the product.
    • Samples and/or access to the product for review, including temporary log-ins if necessary.
    • Reference letters from at least three current or former customers familiar with the product.
    • Complete information about where and how to purchase/gain access to the product in the marketplace (i.e.—where can students get the course, book, etc.?)
  • Where can I find the application?

  • What happens if I get approved?

    If your product gains ILEA Approved status, the Education Council will provide the official ILEA Approved agreement for execution and the official ILEA Approved logo for use in the marketing by the approved entity.
  • Who reviews the applications?

    At least three members of the ILEA Education Council will review all applications and determine approval status based on a grading system that has been established by the council.
  • How long does the approval process take?

    Requests for approval review will happen within 45 days of submission.
  • How long does the ILEA Approved status last?

    Once approved, you may use the ILEA Approved status on the approved educational product for a period of three (3) years.  At the conclusion of three years, content will be reviewed again to determine relevancy.